viNGN Absolute Beginners Computer Lab Offers Bridge to Digital Literacy

absolute-beginners-computer-lab As part of the ongoing mission to help bridge the “Digital Divide” the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) encourages the community to access and share a free Absolute Beginners Computer Lab. The course is available online by clicking “Digital Literacy” on viNGN’s web site, The Absolute Beginners Computer Lab is a collective work containing custom text plus links to tools and video from a variety of sources to eliminate the guesswork in introducing new users to the mouse & keyboard, computing, Internet, Email, search, and online safety.

In recent years, MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) have provided free training to anyone with access to the Internet. However, these courses remain inaccessible to those who are unfamiliar with basic computing concepts. The 1-hour Absolute Beginners Computer Lab contains micro-doses of knowledge to reinforce simple, attainable goals plus a broad and digestible overview of computers and the Internet to help new learners to grasp technology. Then, an exam may be taken to earn a certificate with the score of 80% or more, and links to recommended additional courses are provided. Users then move from strength to strength to join their families, communities and the world online.

The course comes with a downloadable guide, which may be used at home or at a Public Computer Center (PCC) to assist loved ones. Before helping anyone with the course, the Trainer should review all material and videos, which will take about 30-40 minutes. Learners who have never actually used a computer before, must take a mousing and keyboard course a few times before starting this training; the link is included. When used in a PCC or other public area, a head set or ear buds are needed to hear the video content and not disturb.

Students seeking a greater challenge may request assistance in locating instructional, certificate and diploma courses from proven leaders in the online training industry – all for free. Those who are already advanced users may skip this course, and contact viNGN for help in locating free online training in such topics as Microsoft Office, application development, resume building, social media, accounting, education, project management, coding, web design, and much more.

This beginners program was designed using Google Sites, and is accessible over the Internet from any location, containing links to materials from the following sources: The Library Network (TLN),, and Valley Telephone Cooperative (VTX). For more information or to schedule a Train the Trainer session for the Absolute Beginners Computer Lab, contact Anita Davis at viNGN, at 340-715-8581 x2244 Mondays through Fridays, or email

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