Virgin Islands Next Generation Network Holds First Board Meeting Under New President/CEO Dr. H. Mark McGibbon


The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN) held its first Board Meeting under the new leadership of recently announced President and Chief Executive Officer Dr. H. Mark McGibbon on Thursday.

Dr. McGibbon, who became the new President and Chief Executive Officer effective August 1, 2016, laid out his goals and overall vision for viNGN, while promoting the all fiber high speed broadband network and the ability for Virgin Islands residents and business to access the network.During the Board Meeting, Dr. McGibbon laid out for the public at large, some of the current key areas of focus for viNGN and the territory. Those areas included 1.) That the USVI now has up to 1 GB speeds available immediately through the viNGN Network. 2.) viNGN is currently ready to fulfill requests for access to the broadband network with their partnering local Internet Service Providers (ISPs), and together, the viNGN high speed network will build a brighter and economically better future throughout the USVI. 3.) It takes a partnership between your local ISP and viNGN to bring these high speeds to your residences, businesses, and organizations.

In promoting the viNGN network, Dr. McGibbon explained that access to the all fiber high speed broadband network will have the ability to significantly improve the economy and the overall quality of life throughout the USVI. Dr. McGibbon highlighted the fact that viNGN can help to improve operations in various sectors throughout the USVI including: private businesses, education, hospitals, energy, telecommunications, airlines, courts, policing, fire department, emergency responders, libraries, and government operations.

Dr. McGibbon also spoke about the continuing mission of the Public Computing Centers, which provide free access to the high speed network, while also offering free training courses that range from online computer literacy classes to more advanced courses such as cyber security. He also thanked the many Volunteers who have donated their time and helped to staff the PCCs to date.

To find out more on how to get high speed internet fiber optic access to your homes, business, and organizations you can contact either viNGN at (340) 715-8581 or your current internet service provider.

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