Computer Science Education Week Declared by Governor Mapp Set for December 5, 2016


ST. THOMAS, U.S.V.I. Governor Kenneth E. Mapp has proclaimed the week of December 5, 2016, through December 11, 2016, to be Computer Science Education Week in the United States Virgin Islands.

The period is observed each year to honor Grace Murray Hopper, one of the first females in the field of computer science, who engineered programming languages and pioneered standards for systems which paved the way for many advancements in the discipline.

In his proclamation message, Governor Mapp notes the integral role computer science plays in modern society, noting that it underpins the information technology sector of our economy as the foundational science for the digital age.

Given the community’s effort to prepare its students for high quality jobs, the Governor points out that, nationally, fully half the jobs in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) are computing occupations. Providing students, the chance to participate in high quality computer science activities, he says, exposes them to the rich opportunities the field offers and provides critical thinking skills that will serve them throughout their lives.
Computer Science Education Week acknowledges and highlights the critical role that computer science plays in transforming our society, and how computer science enables innovation and creates economic opportunities.

For more information, please call 954-254-9393.

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