viNGN invited to first meeting of Oswald Harris Court Resident Council

OHC RC President Hiram Abiff speaks to residents

OHC RC President Hiram Abiff speaks to residents

The Virgin Islands Next Generation, Inc. (viNGN) was the guest of the newly elected Resident Council of the Oswald Harris Court community on Wednesday, Dec. 21, 2016 at the Boys and Girls Club Public Computer Center (PCC) which is housed at the Ruth Dazle Community Center on the property. With the theme, “Use What We’ve Got to Get What We Want” viNGN outreach leader Anita Davis spoke on the ubiquity of wireless devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the absence of a computer, they may be utilized to take advantage of free online training and tools, thanks to free apps and “responsive” web site design, which automatically detects adjusts to screens of different sizes and dimensions.

Resident Council members are elected once every 3 years and serve according to by-laws and established protocols. They are represented on the board of the VI Housing Authority, during budget preparation, in newsletters, and through regularly scheduled meetings. The revival of the Resident Councils has been a long range goal of the Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA).

Elected members of the Resident Councils are afforded the opportunity to positively affect the quality of life for their communities, as well as encourage greater leadership and self-sufficiency. “We believe strongly in self-help,” said OHC Resident Council President Hiram Abiff, who is himself a community activist.

Abiff feels that the entire territory benefits when individuals tap into their own strengths. “We want to save the babies, children and mothers from the hell fire of these times. We not just for people in the housing community; we want to restore the love for each other in the Virgin Islands through self-help and a helping hand, not a hand out.”

Representing viNGN, outreach leader Anita Davis addressed the audience on the advantages of an all-fiber optic network infrastructure and how it has already begun improving communications capabilities, government efficiency and supporting higher Internet speeds through our local Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Attendees received a Quick-Response (QR) Code for speedy access on their devices to links for productivity, technical and academic courses; SAT test prep; world-class cybersecurity training; access to the USVI Public Library System EBSCO database (including e-Books, popular magazines and safe research for students – free library card required); business and entrepreneurial counseling and resources; e-Books for children and lots more – all free to use. The list of Free & Mobile Friendly resources is available on viNGN’s blog.

Oswald Harris Court Resident Council Officers:

President: Hiram Abiff
Vice-President: Simba Abiff (also serves as VI Housing Authority Board Resident Commissioner)
Secretary: Oraine Willett
Treasurer: Hanifah George




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