Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age Webinar Jan. 18


Dr. Schuyler Esprit, Dominica State College, Create Caribbean Inc. will host a webinar as part of the series “Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age” on Wednesday, January 18, 2017, at 11am EST/12pm AST. This installment will feature innovative digital work in Dominica.

Caribbean Scholarship in the Digital Age is a webinar series showcasing digital and/as public research and teaching in Caribbean Studies. The series provides a collaborative space for professionals to share on projects and experiences to foster communication and support our shared constellations of communities of practice.

Click here to participate in the online event:

Other upcoming webinars in the series include:
• Feb. 28, 11am Miami time: Dr. Alex Gil on small axe: archipelagos
• Apr. 11, 11am Miami time: Nathan Dize and Abby Broughton on Colony in Crisis
• May 10, 11am Miami time, Dr. Sara Gonzalez on 3D printing services
• Date pending for: Caribbean Memory

Recordings of all webinars will be available at the dLOC (Digital Library of the Caribbean) soon after the webinar.

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