The Internet Starter Kit: Free E-Book + Guide to Getting Your Business Online

2017-dlday-usviThe Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) encourages everyone to #LearnSomethingNew every day, and has published a free e-book and guide to getting your business online, the Internet Starter Kit + 7 Step Guide to Getting Your Business Online.

The Internet Starter Kit was developed to distribute for Digital Learning Day, an annual event which was first launched in 2012 by Alliance for Excellent Education as a way to pay tribute to innovative educators. Digital Learning Day has grown into a national observance, with activities across the nation, both inside and outside of traditional classrooms.

2017-dlday-7-steps-biz-onlineThe 24-page Internet Starter Kit is geared to moderate to advanced users, making it a handy and quick introduction to the Internet, Email, Online Safety, Websites, Blogs and Social Media. Links to the complete (and free) online technology and web design courses at GCFLearnFree and Khan Academy are included for those who would like to go beyond. A Getting Your Business Online guide provides a 7-step “flowchart” for planning a web site or blog for hobbyists and entrepreneurs.

For less experienced users, viNGN offers the Absolute Beginners Computer Lab, an introduction to the mouse and keyboard, computer and Internet basics, Email, and Internet Safety featuring quick videos from various sources and the main points behind core computing concepts.

CLEAN-absolute-beginners-computer-lab“We have been finding that people who do not think they are a capable of using a computer, actually need help using the mouse and keyboard more accurately,” says viNGN Outreach Leader Anita Davis. “For these users, access to The Library Networks New User Tutorial is provided. Perfect practice makes the difference!” The tutorial is available in English and Spanish versions.

Students who pass the Absolute Beginners Computer Lab exam with a score of 80% or better, receive links to free typing, technology and professional courses including Microsoft Office training. “These are derivative works, and all of it is from information that exists already on the Internet,” says Davis. We are just eliminating a lot of the guess-work – so you can get started learning right away.”

For assistance in locating specific free online courses or to be kept informed of upcoming training opportunities, contact Anita Davis at viNGN at (340) 715-8581 x2244 or email




4 responses to “The Internet Starter Kit: Free E-Book + Guide to Getting Your Business Online

  1. Finally! This is for adults as well! Read it! It’s our future way of employment!


    • We thank you for your support of Digital Literacy! There is so much opportunity for those with technology skills, for leadership, creativity and entrepreneurship!


  2. This is great and just in time for the crisis. the old model of working is fading!


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