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Child Internet Safety, Cybersecurity

Stay Safe From These 4 Internet Dangers!

The Internet is filled with opportunities to learn, communicate and share. Protect yourself from these 4 Internet Dangers to preserve your digital privacy and personal security!


  • Use your “Spidey Sense!” If it doesn’t feel right, don’t share it!
  • Recruiters and Law Enforcement watch social media!
  • Ask “how would I feel?”
  • Share responsibly!
  • Protect your privacy.

Security #Fail

  • Update Hardware and software on time.
  • Use security software; stay updated!
  • Don’t share secrets online.
  • Use age-appropriate names.
  • Know your contacts IRL (In Real Life)

Sexts & Stalking

  • Do not send any “Sexts”.
  • Tell if you receive “Sexts”.
  • Tell someone if you are stalked.
  • Cyber-stalking is against the LAW!
  • Love does not need to be “proven”.


  • If you join in, you are a bully!
  • Report Cyber-bullies online.
  • Report Cyber-bullies IRL.
  • Stand up for your friends online.
  • Bullies crave support. Don’t give it!


(Icon graphics: 364531-business-and-seo by Nikita Golubev at flaticon.com)



About vingn

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN) was established in 2010 as a public corporation; it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority. viNGN was funded primarily from a grant by the National Telecommunications Information Administration (NTIA) as part of a federal program to improve the broadband capacity in the United States, its territories, and the District of Columbia.The program is called the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).


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