viNGN Demonstrates Fiber Optics at Y-Teens Girls in ICT Day Presentation

On Friday, April 21, 2017 students of all ages at the All Saints Cathedral School were exposed to a variety of scientific career options during the YWCA USVI, Inc./Y-Teens International Girls In ICT Day showcase. Girls in ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Day is a global event that seeks to encourage girls and women the world over to become more active in the tech industry.

YWCA USVI, Inc. opted to host its event earlier than it original scheduled date (April 27, 2017) in deference to the annual cultural Carnival celebrations, to ensure greater accessibility for students. Girls in ICT Day is held on the 4th Thursday of April each year.

Coordinators Donnalie Edwards-Cabey and Lena Steele Williams, as well as All Saints PTSA President Monique Simon kept the active crowd busy round-robin style, as students were first given a brief intro by each presenter, then given the chance to choose 2 exhibits to learn more about. There were presentations on Science & Technology by the University of the Virgin Islands, Technological Tools & Gadgets by OmniSystems, and Viya (formerly Innovative and Choice Wireless) had two tables, demonstrating both Wired and Mobile Data Communications. Students in the Cyber-Patriots program offered Humanoid Robot Assistant and CyberSecurity exhibits.

viNGN’s Pam Woodward, from the Outside Plant (OSP) Team, demonstrated the duties of a Fiber Optic Field Technician, sharing her own story of beginning in the male-dominated field in 1978, to a career that spans over 30 years. Woodward’s experience includes Telecom Technical Operations, Fiber End-to-End Installations, testing and maintenance, Loose Fiber and Ribbon Splicing.

Over 4 separate sessions, Pam explained the importance of precision in building the physical part of a communications network, demonstrating the preparation of the fiber optic core, splicing, then error testing for integrity. The students were fully engaged, asked questions, and walked away with a full appreciation of how fiber optics are incorporated into their everyday lives.

About YWCA USVI, Inc.

YWCA USVI, Inc. was founded in September 2006 by a group of dedicated women, under the leadership of current President, Donnalie Edwards-Cabey. In 2009, a delegation from the YWCA of the Virgin Islands attended World Council in Nairobi, Kenya, their introduction to the world of YWCA and the many countries that continue to work for the development of programs for women. The local YWCA has begun the work offering programs for women and girls in the territory. Follow YWCA USVI on Facebook.

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