Justin Moorhead: Technology startups could be an economic boost for V.I. (via VI Daily News)

In the May 25, 2017 edition of the Virgin Islands Daily News, Justin Moorhead, Managing Director of Virgin Islands Capital Resources, Inc. cites the beauty of the islands and better connectivity in the U.S. Virgin Islands as major features that could lure technology startups to the islands.

A truly supportive community fueled by focused government investments can combine with the organic perks of island life to encourage technology companies to come to the U.S. Virgin Islands. The National Broadband Map now shows the U.S. Virgin Islands as capable of providing true broadband speeds (25Mbps or more according to the FCC), an impossibility just 6 years ago.

According to Mr. Moorhead, the territory’s challenges are similar to those faced by the city of Bozeman, Montana (with its tourism and agri-centric economy) and the state of Hawaii (for its geographical isolation), both of which are now staking their claims to technology’s promise. Moorehead also draws in the post-mining gateway city of Boise, Idaho as an example of a municipality focused on laying the groundwork for the prosperity of its citizens… and already reaping intellectual, development and economic dividends.

Moorhead urges local policy makers to prioritize aggressive funding for the research, training, and educational resources to build a qualified workforce, with strategic partnerships and infrastructural support to help attract small tech startups to the U.S. Virgin Islands.

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