Virgin Islands Port Authority Partners with viNGN to Introduce New Time and Attendance System

The Virgin Islands Next Generation, Inc. (viNGN) joined the Virgin Islands Port Authority (VIPA) in introducing dozens of staff members to its new Port Authority Time and Attendance System (PATS) on Tuesday, June 6 on St. Croix, and Friday, June 9 on St. Thomas.

Assisted by VIPA staffers, attendees first received guidance in The Library Network’s New User Tutorial (mouse and keyboard), then the Absolute Beginner’s Computer Lab, a mini-course that gives a broad overview of computing, Internet, email, search, and online safety. The USVI Division of Personnel made their training centers available on both islands for the workshops.

Following this familiarization process and a break, the students were then directed in logging into the PATS portal for the first time, and were instructed on navigating the system to manage time off requests, view personal leave availability, and check their VIPA email accounts to access confirmation emails and other important communications.

According to VIPA Information Systems Manager Everton Rush, the purpose of the training was not only to acquaint his colleagues with how to use the computer to administer their time and attendance records. “We are also here to let you know that learning to use the computer will enhance your everyday lives, it is for the good of the whole person, not just the employee.”

The 3 hour, morning and afternoon sessions were like a “boot camp” that began with learning the many ways the mouse and keyboard help us to communicate our needs to the computer system with activities like dragging and dropping, filling in forms, choosing from menus, scrolling, and closing down windows and programs. Then, a series of videos and question-and-answer sessions built on the foundation of what they had just learned to tie it into everyday computing skills.

By the time the students were introduced to the Port Authority Time and Attendance System’s opening page, a sense of familiarity had taken hold, and the information was well received. The more skilled students pitched in and helped others, and the atmosphere became jovial as smiles and laughter punctuated the classes.

The students, some of whom had never used a computer before, left knowing that learning new skills is important, but that precision practice will be the key to their enjoyment of technology. View more Free Online Training on this blog or sign up for PCC Alerts to be notified of USVI technology news, PCC Training Events, and free online learning opportunities.

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