viNGN Establishes Free Wi-Fi Hot Spot in Red Hook St. Thomas

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands – In partnership with ADM Wireless, the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network has instituted a free wireless hot spot with (Network ID “ADM-viNGN-free”) to assist the East End St. Thomas community in the wake of Hurricane Irma.
This Wi-Fi access is provided through the 100% fiber optic viNGN network, and may be accessed in the Red Hook area near the temporary Port Authority parking lot adjacent to the Eudora Kean Gymnasium at any time; the public is urged to observe all official directives including curfew and area traffic as the ongoing recovery efforts continue.

To get online, visit the Red Hook area near the temporary Port Authority parking lot adjacent to the Eudora Kean Gymnasium, and sign on to the Wi-Fi network named “ADM-viNGN-free” – no password is required.

viNGN Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer Daryl Wade is enthusiastic about providing this necessary service to the East End community: “This area is currently under-served, and this creates an excellent opportunity to allow anyone who needs it to get online, and get things done.”

“It’s really why viNGN exists, and times such as these create calls to action that we cannot ignore,” Wade stated.

Earlier, viNGN announced a hot spot in Cruz Bay St. John near the Boulon Center and Tennis Courts, with the network ID “viNGN free public” through partnerships with Love City Strong,, First Phase Datacomm & Computer Express.

viNGN plans to establish similar access points, in cooperative effort with organizations so that free Wi-Fi can be made available in more spaces such as shelters and high-traffic areas for both islands. For more information,  visit our web page or email Pamela Finley, Public Relations Officer for viNGN,

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