viNGN Free Wi-Fi service earns kudos!

This makes our day! We just received a wonderful message via our web site from Mr. John Cianci to thank us for the free public Wi-Fi hot spots!

In the immediate aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria, viNGN moved swiftly to assess the needs of our essential first responders and government services, our Partner ISPs and their clients. It didn’t end there.

The nearly total destruction of telecommunications and power infrastructures created a true emergency. So, we also began to help set up free temporary services in Cruz Bay St. John along with free Wi-Fi hot spots on St. John, St. Croix and St. Thomas.

Mr. John Cianci used the contact form on our website to thank us and also passed along kudos from his grandson:

“My name is John Cianci and my message is absolutely the best FREE WIFI available to thousands of first responders, Red Cross and others living on the cruise ship. Note, we have other FREE options —- but viNGN, as my grandson says: “You guys are the best”.”

You are welcome, Mr. Cianci! Knowing that the free Wi-Fi hot spots benefit our community as well as those who have come here to help, is everything.

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