Turnbull and Williams Library PCCs Open to Public

Community members utilize Public Computers at Turnbull Library on St. Thomas (file photo)

Most of the territory’s Public Computer Centers are still in recovery mode, but we are pleased to announce the following Public Computer Centers have come online this week:

Charles W. Turnbull Regional Library
Located above Tutu Park, St. Thomas, VI

Florence Williams Public Library
#1122 King Street, Christiansted, St. Croix, VI

We applaud the Department of Planning and Natural Resources, Division of Libraries, Archives and Museums, our Librarians, Library Technicians and all support staff, for their steadfast dedication to serving the community.

Both PCCs are open Mondays-Fridays from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm and feature Wheelchair Access. At this time, we ask the public to be flexible and patient, as occasionally all services and equipment areas may not be available for use. Please follow the Department of Planning and Natural Resource, Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums VI Public Libraries page on Facebook. If you have storm-damaged books, please bring them back to the library, as well.

Internet: As work continues in the field, services may go up and down as equipment is restarted or reconfigured. Please bear with these baby steps as the islands continue on the road to full recovery. This will happen for power, cellular phones and land line telephones as well. It’s all a part of the process.

Access Requirements: A library card is needed to access all USVI Public Library computers; please see the circulation desk for assistance with non-resident or one-time usage.

Documents: Printing services may not always be available at the PCC. For your security and convenience, use of USB flash drives or cloud storage of all documents is strongly recommended.

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