Free Offline Training Resources Shared at #DLDay 2018 at Florence Williams Public Library

Digital Learning Day welcomeThe Florence Williams Public Library Public Computer Center on St. Croix was abuzz with curiosity as we celebrated Digital Learning Day 2018! Originally organized by the Alliance for Excellent Education in 2012, Digital Learning Day began as a way to highlight innovative educators, but has also grown into an instrument for change and advocacy for the promotion of greater student access to digital training. viNGN celebrated for the 5th time with a Pop-Up Digital Coach session with wonderful support from the Florence Williams Public Library management and staff members.

We were able to guide individuals in searching for: licensed, local post-disaster appraisals companies, free training in social media and email, information about free programming lessons, basic computer literacy training, taking a business online and more. We also encouraged all who stopped by, to renew their library cards or register for new ones for themselves and their children. The USVI Public Library system provides access to its online card catalog, free research via EBSCOhost, National Library Service for the Blind, free popular magazines online via Flipster and many more benefits. Those who missed our visit may visit our Digital Learning Day page for links to downloads.

With so many still awaiting the return of Internet services, we made available printed copies of our Internet Starter Kit, which covers computing, Internet, email, online safety, blogs, web sites and social media; seventeen manuals were distributed. Downloads of the free academic, technical and Microsoft training from GCFLearnFree were accessed on the spot.

Patrons who could not visit on Digital Learning Day may bring a brand-new (never used) 16 GB USB flash drive or external hard drive and see the library staff to download the free e-books and videos for academic, technical, career, and Microsoft skills training. The source materials are also on our Digital Learning Day page!

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