Welcome JAG Participant and viNGN Intern Lennard Finley!

JAG viNGN Intern Lennard FinleyLennard “Lenny” Finley has joined us as an intern! Mr. Finley, a twelfth grade student at the Ivanna Eudora Kean High School on St. Thomas, has opted to complete his six weeks’ long Career Technical Education internship with viNGN through the Jobs for America’s Graduates Program.

Jobs for America’s Graduates (also known as JAG for short) is a national non-profit organization that has helped over a million young people to pursue their dreams of graduation and higher education, exposing them to exciting career opportunities.

Lenny would like to pursue a career in the Information Technology (IT) field. He was interested in working at viNGN for his internship because he wanted to gain knowledge and exposure in fiber optics and information technology. He was also quite impressed with viNGN’s technological standard, since we were up and running right after hurricanes Irma and Maria.

This experience will help Lenny to narrow down which specific area of IT he wants to major in at college. He’ll be meeting with each department during his internship and will be exposed to all aspects of the business, but he will work primarily with IT, Network Operations and Outside Plant (OSP) staff.

Lenny is happy to join us and feels this experience will be beneficial to his future endeavors. We look forward to our time showing Lennie the ropes; if you see him out and about with us, please give him a warm welcome!

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