StateScoop: USVI BIT Director and CIO Angelo “Tony” Riddick shares post-disaster insights


Angelo Riddick at OmniSystems Tech Expo in 2017

Angelo Riddick, COL(R) PMP at OmniSystems Tech Expo on St. Thomas, USVI (2017)

As the United States Virgin Islands braced for off-scale Hurricane Irma in early September 2017, neither its citizens nor those tasked with keeping them safe could anticipate the advent of vicious Hurricane Maria with 2 weeks of Irma’s departure. As the territory’s Chief Information Officer and director of the Bureau of Information Technology, U.S. Army Colonel (Retired) and Project Management Professional Angelo “Tony” Riddick, took action as his department withstood the merciless grind of these two historic weather events, guiding his team and retooling processes to strengthen recovery protocols. 

The effects of these back-to-back Category 5 storms are still being felt nine months later, with a new Hurricane season (June 1-November 30) already begun. Disasters come in many forms, including hardware failure, human error, fires, or network disruptions and incursions. Riddick’s observations and takeaways are shared at, a website dedicated to the movers and shakers with localized technology sectors.

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