VI Source: viNGN Makes Moves to Harden Network

vingn recovery photo

(File photo) viNGN recovery teams worked with local Internet Service Provider partners to restore service at the Property and Procurement building on St. Thomas

VI Source journalist James Gardner recently shared details of the plans discussed at a recent meeting of the Board of Directors of the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network (viNGN) to “harden” the territory’s 100% fiber-optic telecommunications network.

Within the strategy are some of the lessons learned as outlined by Bureau of Information Technology head and CIO Angelo “Tony” Riddick, plus further recommendations. Among them: the burial of more viNGN fiber, reinforcing power redundancy, and being prepared to institute free temporary services to fill gaps in communications systems following a disaster.

At a June 21 board of directors meeting, Gov. Kenneth E. Mapp gave the nod to restocking of fiber optic cable and the equipment necessary for its installation. viNGN spokesperson Pamela Finley provided further detail on restoration and mitigation plans.

viNGN continues to maintain 15 free public Wi-Fi hotspots, with additional service for the St. John Festival Village (“SessionsVille”).

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