viNGN readies citizens for greater digital literacy with Tech Beginners Boot Camp

Partnership with DPNR/Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums and the City Seventh-day Adventist Church encourages online safety, skill building

Online Safety class image

viNGN’s Anita Davis answers questions from students during the online safety class “What are YOU Leaving Behind Online?”

ST. THOMAS, U.S. Virgin Islands (August 13, 2018) – On Sunday, viNGN in conjunction with DPNR/Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums and the City Seventh-day Adventist Church presented its first “Tech Beginners Boot Camp” at the Turnbull Regional Library Public Computer Center.

Nearly a dozen participants from teens to octogenarian took part in the day’s activities, with the “Newbies” (people new to computers) paired up with “Do-Bees” (those more familiar with computing) to facilitate coaching and mutual learning.

We use technology to manage our affairs, to communicate, and for fun. With so many technical training opportunities such as through UVI CELL, UVI Cooperative Extension Service, Adult Education classes and free online training available, potential students are sometimes stymied by lack of experience in clicking effectively with the mouse, navigating web pages, and opening and closing windows and programs. Designed to address this need and provide support for Internet safety, the Boot Camp is divided into two parts:

“Absolute Beginners Computer Lab” is a gentle tech intro with an excellent mouse tutorial and quick videos to give an overview of computing, Internet, Email, web search, and online safety. Certificates are earned with an 80% exam score and resources for further learning.

“What are YOU Leaving Behind Online?” offers tips for parents to protect their children and insights on digital privacy, law enforcement surveillance, and cyber-bullying. Practical suggestions are included in an invitation to Take the Pledge to be Internet Safe.

Students were urged to allow their new experience to blossom through weekly practice and by locating a digital coach, who does not need to be a “computer expert” but someone who is able to help them to access the resources provided during the classes and give guidance until they are better able to do things themselves. Like learning to drive or to tie shoelaces, it is necessary be patient with oneself so that goals are achieved over time.

viNGN offers to “Train the Trainer” by familiarizing loved ones and program managers with the material so that they may share this learning within their own neighborhoods, congregations and community groups. For more information on the Tech Beginners Boot Camp, contact Anita Davis at (340) 715-8581 x2244 or email

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