Steve Harvey profiles ex-prisoner and daughter who create Photo Patch App, a family communications tool… and teach others coding!

Antoine and his daughter Jay Jay Patton lead the team of the Photo Patch Foundation, which provides communications tools for the children of the incarcerated and teach them to discover their own power to code!

Children can send letters and photos to parents who are incarcerated by using the website or downloading the app for iOS or Android… all for free. Their mission is to teach coding to 2,020 people by 2020!

5 responses to “Steve Harvey profiles ex-prisoner and daughter who create Photo Patch App, a family communications tool… and teach others coding!

  1. I love that’s you shared this story, thank you! Can I please offer a comment? It’s really important that we change the language we use to talk about people in prison. Ex-prisoner, convict, inmate… all those terms allow the public to largely ignore and ultimately to discriminate against people as they return to the community following incarceration. It’s one relatively simple thing we can do to help the millions of people in prison who will get out. We can call them people in an effort to shift public opinion and remember that these folks will again be our neighbors and our community. Thanks for reading this, and for your consideration.
    From a formerly incarcerated woman, who’s life mission is to bring higher education into jails and prisons.


    • Greetings and thank you for visiting our blog. Your thoughts are ours as to the need to see the formerly incarcerated as people. However, what brought this app to our attention was the angle of the founder’s having been incarcerated himself and his struggle to communicate with his very young daughter and how he availed himself of the free services and training while he was in jail. As digital inclusion advocates here in the U.S. Virgin Islands, we have witnessed the transformation of lives and people through access to free internet, computers and digital training. Mr. Patton not only turned around his own life by learning to code, but he gave his daughter something to be proud of. That yes, her father, the “ex-con” is a mover and motivator, and that no matter what your path in life, it is possible to bloom where you are planted. People serving out their sentences can also look on and say, “Wow, he is not only just like me, he basically IS me. And if he can, I can.” We hope that Mr. Antoine Patton continues to inspire. Surely he knows by now, that his successes with his mission will become exponential, as he makes everyone see the value of every life, even the lives of those who have erred. Because we all make mistakes. We all deserve chances. Thank you for this opportunity to express our support for anyone who is struggling to become the beauty that already exists within them! You are also in that number, having set your own path in life. We honor YOU.


  2. Hello!
    I too desire to help people in the prison system. How can I help you spread this this program to others in others states across this great nation? I volunteer with a program that helps the families interact with their loved ones behind the wall. Please reach out to me.


  3. Jo Beth Viggiano

    Kudos to you for this innovative way of uniting parents and children in these difficult situations. How can I support this effort? Was disappointed that this wasn’t mentioned in the interview or on your website. Please let us know how to help with this effort and God Bless You!


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