#viNGNSTEAMForward a hit at AgriFest2020!

Members of the viNGN Community Outreach Team shared information and lots of smiles with hundreds of curious boys, girls, men and women throughout the 2020 Agriculture and Food Fair on St. Croix this weekend! With the theme “Trendy in 2020”, the fair showed the inclusive spirit of all the U.S. Virgin Islands has to offer, from the expected to the progressive. We introduced our pilot program “STEAM Forward for SUCCESS” with the a-MAZE-ing Colby the Mouse with Code & Go®, an interactive fun way to introduce children to programming concepts.

We invited adults to participate in a Simple Broadband Usage Survey, which opened the door to answer a lot of questions regarding how to get the best out of Internet service, troubleshoot systems, and check performance through speed testing. There was lots of info distributed lots about Fiber Optics and other STEAM careers. S.T.E.A.M. stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics – a path that allows children to explore all facets of themselves as they make their way into the world at large as professionals, entrepreneurs, and creators. We’ll be talking more about STEAM Forward in weeks to come; visit the viNGN Community Page to find out more, or download the Information & Activity book.

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