National Digital Inclusion Alliance encourages Digital Equity advocates to become Digital Navigators

In recognition of the digital hurdles that still impact the lives of millions of Americans, the National Digital Inclusion Alliance ( has launched its Digital Navigator Model page. “Digital Navigators” are described as individuals (whether by profession or passion) focused on helping others to access Internet, training, and resources to help bridge the Digital Divide.

file photo of viNGN chromebooks set up for Boys and Girls Club PCC training on St. Thomas (2017)
Chromebooks in use for viNGN Training Event “Each 1 Teach 1” (File photo, 2017)

Digital Navigators can be volunteers, program managers or cross-trained personnel who assist with digital literacy, accessing government or business services, applying for employment, increasing skill sets, and even online safety. With the persistence of COVID-19, many parents need a hand navigating learning platforms; seniors may need to learn to pay bills online; children may need to know how to create and manage academic files.

The Digital Navigator Page contains links to best practices for supporting the community, computer donations, educational needs, and designing a program based on existing needs. Also included is a downloadable baseline job description of a Digital Navigator, for those who would like to build ongoing tasks into personnel budgets or focus their own efforts.

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance was created to provide a national platform for organizations, government agencies and businesses who believe that home broadband access, public broadband access, personal devices and local technology training and support programs are a necessity in today’s world. To get involved, visit

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