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Take an “Hour of Code” Anytime!

For 2020, the “Hour of Code” involves exploring Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning in partnership with Microsoft! In honor of Computer Science Education Week, Dec 7-13 learners of all ages are invited to explore the cutting edge world where scientists work together to use programming for good.

Launched in 2013, Hour of Code has always been available virtually so that anyone can log on at any time for quality, free coding education.

Hour of Code at Central SDA PCC (2016)
Hour of Code 2016 hosted at Central SDA PCC on St. Croix (file photo)
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Computer Science is Changing Everything – Join the Hour of Code!

Computer Science is changing everything. Now is your chance to experience what it’s all about. Join millions in over 180 countries for the global event called “Hour of Code”! December 9-15, 2019 is Computer Science Education Week, but you can do it any time, anywhere. There are even ‘unplugged’ activities for those with no internet or who prefer hands-on exercises. Anyone can learn to code! Get started at