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Techie Tuesdays: What exactly does “Wi-Fi” mean?

( – The ubiquitous Wi-Fi, boon to the smartphone user and traveling web surfer, means… what exactly? For years, it was understood to be a play on the term “Hi-Fi” or “High Fidelity” – as used when describing a stereo system. As it turns out, it really stands for… nothing! (read more)

Techie Tuesdays: Recover that unsaved Microsoft Office document in Windows or Mac!

So, you clicked the “close” button and accidentally failed to save that Microsoft Office document, or the program shut down unexpectedly? No need to despair – there is a way to recover! Then, you can set your Office application to auto-recover in case it ever happens again. Check out this How-To Geek article, How to … Continue reading

Techie Tuesdays: Track your mileage with MileIQ!

( – 55 million U.S. workers are able to deduct or expense car mileage, and manual entries are the bugaboos of keeping good records. Introducing MileIQ, a mobile app that detects your driving each time you get behind the wheel and even allows you to categorize your movements so that you can determine the percentage … Continue reading

Techie Tuesdays: Basics of Uploading and Downloading online

( – What’s the difference between uploading and downloading and how can uploading and downloading be used to diagnose connection issues or check the speed of your Internet Service Provider (ISP)? This article provides definitions and instruction for you! (read more)

Techie Tuesdays: Restore your Internet of Things via ResetPlug!

( – In today’s stay-connected world, we’re excited about the ResetPlug, a smart plug to monitor your WiFi router/modem and reset power if WiFi fails. ResetPlug smartly restores and tests even WiFi extenders… a boon for those who use monitoring services (such as alarm systems), cloud printing, or connect from remote locations to work.  (read more)

Techie Tuesdays: Siri coming to Mac OSX

( – Siri, the silken-voiced personal assistant lives on the iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV, but Mac computer users have had to make do with standard built-in dictation. We just found out that Apple has been working on integrating Siri into the Mac computer OSX for a few years now… and Siri on … Continue reading

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