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Reading for Roots: the digital rebuilding of a forgotten generation

reading-for-rootsThe History Channel plans the debut of Roots on Memorial Day, re-imagining the epic mini-series based upon Alex Haley’s “Roots” – while inviting everyone to participate in “Reading for Roots” – transcribing copious digitized historical records, in partnership with FamilySearch International and the Freedmen’s Bureau Project. Continue reading

Habits that will make your Web Searches Faster

( The internet is a really big place with lots and lots of information.  Sometime’s it may take too long to find exactly what your looking for.  Here’s some tips that will help you to become an effective searcher.


  1. Use Targeted Phrases-  the more specific you are, the more success you’ll have.
  2. Expanded your Search Horizons- use more than one search engine, do not limit yourself.
  3. Use your time Wisely- don’t get frustrated, get creative: change your query.
  4. Cultivate a love of Discovery- Keep learning and searching, they are treasures waiting to be discovered.