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VI Source: VINGN Board Approves Contracts for Maintenance and Network Gear

Photo: Dr. Peter Schultz on board ‪‎ITIntrepid‬, in the ‪USVI‬ laying ‎fiberoptic‬ ‪‎subsea cable‬ (08/15)

The Board of Directors of the Virgin Islands Next Generation Network, Inc. (viNGN) met Wednesday and approved a contract with Engines LLC to purchase additional equipment to enable local Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to connect to viNGN. Approval was also received to enter into a contract with Import Supply for generator repairs and maintenance at viNGN’s Fiber Access Points (FAPs) throughout the U.S. Virgin Islands. Continue reading


NTIA: BroadbandUSA Effort to Assist Communities with Broadband Plans

– Excerpts from statement issued by Assistant Secretary for Communications and Information and National Telecommunications and Information Administration Administrator Lawrence E. Strickling

broadband usa logo

Larry E Strickling(NTIA) – Over the past five years, we at NTIA have seen first-hand through our broadband grant program the power of broadband to transform lives and impact communities. Broadband has become a cornerstone of economic growth, providing Americans the tools they need to participate in the rapidly growing digital economy. Continue reading