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viNGN Honors National Digital Inclusion Week 2020

National Digital Inclusion Week is an initiative of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA). The initiative was created to raise awareness of solutions for bringing home Internet access, personal devices, local technology training and support programs to the people who need it most.

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National Digital Inclusion Week2020

Slide 1: viNGN Honors National Digital Inclusion Week – October 5-9, 2020

Slide 2: What’s Inside:

  • What is Digital Inclusion Week?
  • 5 Elements of Digital Inclusion
  • Digital Inclusion Alliance Focus on the Underserved
  • Get Involved: Become a Digital Navigator
  • How viNGN Works with its Partner ISPs
  • viNGN Wireless Network Expansion Project

Slide 3: National Digital Inclusion Week is an initiative of the National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA), http://www.digitalinclusion.org

Slide 4: Why Digital Inclusion Week?

The National Digital Inclusion Alliance (NDIA) created National Digital Inclusion Week to collaborate with agencies and advocates across America to raise awareness of solutions for bringing home Internet access, personal devices, local technology training and support programs to the people who need it most.

Slide 5: The 5 Main Elements Required for Digital Inclusion

1) Affordable and strong high-speed Internet service

2) Equipment to access the Internet (computers, laptops)

3) Access to Digital Literacy training

4) Excellent Technical Support to maintain equipment

5) Software programs and apps that help make life better

Source: Definitions: Digital Inclusion, Digital Equity, Digital Literacy & Broadband Adoption,


Slide 6: NDIA: Much More Work to be Done!

  • Millions of Americans were affected by the Digital Divide even before the COVID-19 pandemic. The National Digital Inclusion Alliance calls attention to the following:
  • Affordability of Internet still out of reach for millions
  • Data Caps affect work and student assignments
  • Network congestion caused by increased pandemic use
  • Inadequate coverage (“Broadband Deserts”)

Source: NDIA Submits Comments to the NTIA – Developing a More Timely Internet Use Survey


Slide 7: How You Can Help: Become a Digital Navigator

According to the NDIA, Digital Navigators are “individuals who address the whole digital inclusion process — home connectivity, devices, and digital skills — with community members through repeated interactions.”

The goal is to add Digital Equity to the Social Safety Net. To find out more and get started where you are, visit digitalinclusion.org/digital-navigator-model

Slide 8: About viNGN

The Virgin Islands Next Generation Network was part of the Broadband Technology Opportunities Program (BTOP).

viNGN Mission:

To provide high quality wholesale broadband products and services to Internet Service Providers (ISPs) throughout the Virgin Islands.

Slide 9: How viNGN Works with Partner ISPs

  1. viNGN interconnects all 4 U.S. Virgin Islands and connects the VI to the World with 100% fiber-optics.
  2. An Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners with viNGN and connects at a Fiber Access Point (FAP).
  3. Your ISP installs equipment at your home or office to deliver Internet signal to your computer.
  4. Wi-Fi: Use a wireless router to share signal with laptops, tablets, smartphones and other devices.

Slide 10: Partners with 8 Local ISPs that provide home & business Internet


  1. ADM
  2. Broadband VI
  3. First Phase Datacomm
  4. High Tide Solutions
  5. LAN Communications
  6. OmniSystems
  7. One Stop Wireless
  8. SmartNet

Slide 11: viNGN Free USVI Public Wi-Fi



Seaborne Airlines

Williams Public Library (Exterior)


Ann E. Abramson Pier

Cummings Park & Fairgrounds

Frederiksted Health Clinic


Grove Place Fire Station


Sunny Isle Medical Center Parking Area



Loredon Boynes Sr. Dock



Blyden Marine Terminal

Emancipation Garden

Roosevelt Park

Seaborne Airlines


Virgin’s Haven


Tap & Still/Beni Iguana’s/Brix


Fredericks Marine Terminal

Slide 12: Learn Something New!

Learn at your own pace, and share these tools and resources vingn.com/community

Featured graphics: Code.org, KhanAcademy.com, Alison.com, GCFGlobal.org

Learn to Code, Academic & Programming, Professional Training, Microsoft & More

Slide 13: Coming Soon: viNGN Wireless Network Expansion Project

Wi-Fi hotspots at public housing, community centers, and public areas to help all students in these communities to have high speed Internet access to educational portals within a short distance of their homes. We are in the beginning phase of planning and finalizing locations.


  • Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE)
  • Virgin Islands Housing Authority (VIHA)
  • Department of Planning & Natural Resources/Division of Libraries, Archives & Museums (DPNR/DLAM)
  • viNGN Internet Service Provider (ISP) partners

Slide 14: viNGN, http://www.viNGN.com, (340) 715-8581

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