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VI Consortium: “viNGN’s service never failed”

The VI Consortium provided exciting stats and praise of viNGN’s fiber optic network which provided livestreams and free public Wi-Fi throughout the 65th St. Croix Christmas Festival week, captioning their Facebook post as follows:

“Importantly, viNGN’s service never failed, and the bandwidth provided to The Consortium facilitated seamless and buffer-free streaming. The service was appreciated by viewers around the world, with views coming from Japan to Canada and, of course, all across the U.S. mainland — and even from the Korean Peninsula — for a total of over a 1 million video views and over 1.9 million minutes of watch time from Dec. 26, 2017 to Jan 6, 2018, according to analytics provided by Facebook.”

VI Consortium screen shot

Click to view the VI Consortium Facebook post and link to entire article


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