Free & Mobile-Friendly

Photo: Olu Eletu (via Unsplash, Study Collection)

Photo: Olu Eletu (via Unsplash, Study Collection)

Free online training and resources accessible on mobile devices (over secured public or private Wi-Fi). This list includes courses with downloadable apps as well as web sites with “responsive” design (mobile-friendly). To suggest a resource, email Anita Davis:

Absolute Beginners Computer Lab – Designed using Google Sites for viNGN; 1-hour intro to basic computing concepts with quiz and links to further study. Request desktop site when using these pages. – Home of the Computer Science Education Week Hour of Code, available all year long. Online and no-computer-required courses to introduce students of all ages to programming. Responsive design. – Completely FREE, forever, online Cyber Security training. Learn, contribute and join the only free and open source cyber security training community online.

Enki – iOS app helps professional developers level up their programming skills every day through a fun, daily workout on their mobile.

EBSCOhost eBooks, periodicals & reference (via – library card required). Free app available, but web site is responsive design. Some content such as Flash may not display properly on devices. – These mobile apps allow you to learn Microsoft Office 2010 on the go! For iOS, Android, and Kindle. The full site contains career, academic, technical and professional training.

Internet Starter Kit – Designed using Google Sites for viNGN; 1-hour advanced tutorial on computing, Internet, security, web sites and social media. Request desktop site when using these pages.

KhanAcademy – Academic and scientific study using the responsive web site. Includes math, science, history, English, SAT and professional test preparation. Or use Android and iOS apps.

Mimo – For iOS. App development, learn how to build websites, and get the hang of databases – from the very beginning to intermediate and advanced-level concepts.

Py – For iOS. Learn Python, Java, Swift, HTML & CSS, R, SQL, Calculus, Astrophysics, and more. 18+ Courses. Fun. Free.

SCORE Library – Service Corps of Retired Executives (SCORE) provides free, expert business counseling and advice for small businesses as well as live and recorded webinars. – Technology, Entertainment and Design (TED) has grown from informal gatherings to an international forum for “Ideas Worth Spreading” – videos are inspirational, educational and diverse.

Unite for Literacy – Free children’s e-Books online may be accessed on a computer or Internet-connected mobile device. Read along or allow the book to read to your child.