St. Croix resident grateful for Cyberlearning advanced training courses

sarahomortonquoteSt. Croix resident Sarah Morton has received 18 mastery certificates in the Cyberlearning/NEF advanced IT and professional courses, and sent us a wonderful note of gratitude. Below, in Sarah’s own words, what access to the free training has meant to her:

“I am appreciative of the free educational courses offered to US Virgin Islands residents, offered by ViNGN in association with Cyberlearning, Inc. and the National Education Foundation (NEF). I am also appreciative of the financial investments made to fully equip and establish Public Computer Centers (PCCs) throughout the territory.

When I learned about this free educational opportunity, I decided that engaging in continuous personal development during my period of unemployment would benefit me in many facets of my life… perfect timing.

What has, without a shadow of a doubt, been most empowering is the wealth of information and knowledge gained from simply participating in the ViNGN cyberlearning courses. I am already reaping the benefits from applying what I’ve learned. So I am forever grateful and hope others took advantage of this rare opportunity as well.”

-Sarah Morton

Sarah O Morton - Digital Literacy Certificate

Where it all began – Sarah’s Cyberlearning Digital Literacy  basic computer skills certificate! (click to view full sized)

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