Weekend Warriors: Wind it down! Relaxing after work

itsfridayThe following guide aims to have you nicely wound down by the time to get home, yet geared up to make the most of your evening — however much or little you decide to do!

Unwind on your way home from work with some relaxing music
Relaxing after work, tip 1: Debrief your day

On the way home you should start to put all your work thoughts aside. Have a quick debrief with yourself — consider questions such as what you did well today, what didn’t go well, what changes you can make in the future, or what things you need to do tomorrow. Remember not to spend too long doing this! Once you have considered all those things, do your best to forget about anything work-related. In most cases, once you’ve left the workplace there will be little you can do about any problems until you’re back in work tomorrow — so don’t worry about it! read more

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