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Friday Funday: The web the way it was – discover the WayBack Machine!

Named for a device used in a segment of the old “Rocky & Bullwinkle” cartoon series, Mr. Peabody’s WABAC Machine (pronounced “way back machine”), the WayBack Machine is a project of the nonprofit Internet Archive that includes millions of free books, movies, software, music, and websites. Advertisements

Weekend Warriors: 30 fun and safe web sites for children

( – This weekend, why not settle down to some family surfing fun?  Today’s Parent online offers a big list of 30 great and safe online places to go for children of all ages – crafty, science-y, or educational – you’re sure to find something to love! (read more)

Weekend Warriors: Digital community rises up to tell parents to calm down

( – As children become involved in sporting activities, the digital community tells parents and guardians to be good sports! Mashable echoed the sentiment found in a popular Little League sign posted at Reddit while highlighting the fact that overzealous parents are as big an issue as the Internet itself… hashtag #everyfield (read more)

Friday Fundays: Be your own tech mythbuster!

( – The next time your friends come to you with sketchy tech information, you’ll be ready! Take a few minutes to read Business Insider’s “11 common tech myths you should stop believing today” and you’ll not only educate yourself… you’ll learn lots of interesting facts!  (read more)

Weekend Warriors: Learn to sell on Etsy!

( – If you’ve always envied people who can work from anywhere, it’s possible with technology and the right tools. This weekend, why not put your passion to work and open an online shop on Etsy?  For free advice and inspiration selling crafts, vintage items, accessories, books and more, start with Etsy’s Seller Handbook!

Friday Fundays: PBS Labs keeps children learning – even on the go!

( – Have you visited PBS Labs? This is a bilingual, fun and interactive place where children, their parents and other special adults in their lives can share and learn every day. There’s even an app for adults to download and connect academic skills to everyday experiences. Never miss another teachable moment! (read more)

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